“A Little bit of Nothing” — 11 Comments

  1. I love the exercise you describe too. Sounds like a good way to have people explore shifting attention without that concentrated effort which almost always comes along with it to some degree. You have given me another idea to try out – thanks!

  2. The Alexander Technique is a little bit of nothing! I love that idea. Also, it’s a little bit of nothing; not too much nothing. Maybe too much nothing is collapse. Also great that you used the word ‘exercise’. I don’t we should be rigidly afraid of that word.
    Thanks Robert.

  3. Nice one Robert. Here’s a similar take on developing this combination of specificity and lightness… Concentrate really hard at an object, really hard, and then sense the tension in the brain, eyes, breathing. Then ‘unconcentrate’ (got to get that word into the dictionary!) and notice how the effort releases, the brain, eyes and brow soften and the breathing frees up. I reckon our awareness can go out or in, like a tide, and it’s best to keep a bit of both, and find that ‘little bit of nothing’ on the shore.

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