Alexander’s Dream

In my previous blog, Mr. Alexander in his Own Write: On Reading his Four Books, I wrote about the valuable legacy of Alexander’s writings.  Although deeply flawed in many ways, they are filled with useful information, and insights into the … Continue reading

The Alexander Technique: A New Approach to Mind-Body Unity

No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein No one would deny that we ourselves enter as an agency into whatever is attempted and done by us. This is a truism. But the … Continue reading

Misconceptions about the Alexander Technique

When the subject of the Alexander Technique comes up in conversation, I’ve found that people who have heard about it often have a very distorted idea of what it’s all about. This is not surprising because the Technique is concerned … Continue reading

Learning how to Stop

A STORY: “A man enjoys life. But it isn’t perfect. He sometimes experiences pain, frustration, and suffering. For a while he gets along okay. But the suffering builds over time, over a number of years. The suffering becomes a major … Continue reading

Technology and Us

“What is the best use of technology?” This question is asked more and more as the pace of technological change has accelerated. Greater speed, power, inter-connectedness etc. can produce all sorts of obvious benefits. We visit distant places quickly and … Continue reading

Dewey and Me

Not Dewey of the TV show “Malcolm in the Middle”. Not Melvil Dewey, the originator of the Dewey Decimal Classification System. Not even Thomas E. Dewey, who ran unsuccessfully against Harry Truman in the close presidential election of 1948, and … Continue reading

Who is the Alexander Technique For?

“It’s for everybody.” says Judith Stern, PT, an Alexander Technique teacher for over 25 years. As she points out at the start of the short video below, “There isn’t anybody who won’t say to you in conversation: “My goodness, my … Continue reading

Pity Poor Posture…So Terribly Misunderstood

I recently tried to do an interview with Posture for the Alexander Technique podcast, but he’d moved so far from civilization – and good internet connections – that the audio quality was terrible.  But he has an important point he … Continue reading

Devils, Tigers, a Hollywood actor and Alexander

Quick – what do you think of when someone mentions Tasmania? For a lot of people it’s the Tasmanian Devil, popularized by cartoons and comic strips.  Characterized by its pungent odor, extremely loud and disturbing screech, keen sense of smell, … Continue reading