The F. Matthias Alexander Story – It Ain’t Necessarily So

Who was Alexander? Well the simple and obvious answer is that Alexander was the founder of the Technique that bears his name.  It’s hard to imagine today’s Alexander Technique without Alexander. But what do we really know about the man … Continue reading

One Hundred and Forty Five Candles

Frederick Mathias Alexander, the developer of the Alexander Technique, was born on this day back in 1869.  Let’s use this occasion to celebrate his discoveries, and his achievements in making them available to us today. Alexander (often called “FM”) grew … Continue reading

Narcissus and Alexander – Reflections on the Origins of the Alexander Technique

Beside the pleasant pool Narcissus lay And bending over, quenched his thirst, to find Within his heart a thirst of different kind… Narcissus was an exceptionally beautiful sixteen-year-old Greek boy, hard and disdainful, who scorned everyone, including the nymph Echo … Continue reading

Devils, Tigers, a Hollywood actor and Alexander

Quick – what do you think of when someone mentions Tasmania? For a lot of people it’s the Tasmanian Devil, popularized by cartoons and comic strips.  Characterized by its pungent odor, extremely loud and disturbing screech, keen sense of smell, … Continue reading