One Hundred and Forty Five Candles — 4 Comments

  1. I also think F.M. Alexander would be excited about some of the new developments in what is now known as the Alexander Technique. I’m pretty sure he’d be especially interested in the discoveries neuroscientists are making. The relatively new field of neuroscience demonstrates the body/mind connection, and will “prove” the efficacy of the Alexander Technique. Perhaps this is part of what F.M. would list as “unlimited opportunity for fruitful research to the patient and observant pioneer.”

  2. I agree completely Mark. The neuro-science research that been done, and is going on now, in London is the first research confirming the usefulness of the Technique (in this case on postural tone) that does not rely on subjects subjective evaluations.


    • That sounds interesting Robert about the neuroscience research on postural tone. Please could you send me a reference so I can read about it?

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