Alexander joins the NeuroZone — 2 Comments

  1. I am always interested when discoveries in neuroscience seem to have a relationship with what I experience from studying the Alexander Technique. It does indeed seem to be a potentially fertile ground for research, as long as that research is well designed and conducted.
    As a side note, I am utterly fascinated by Marjorie Barstow telling you that she thought about Alexander’s work every day. It is this kind of passion, this kind of experimentation, that I believe is the key to progress in this work (and other fields too). I am always humbled when I hear of such dedication.

  2. There’s a fun YouTube video about the A.T. principle of how the use of habits disappears sensation because of having adapted to it as normal. It’s title is: “Why you can’t smell yourself – other ways your senses lie to you” by the “Be Smart” channel. The comments connected to that YouTube episode are interesting too.

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