The Alexander Technique Prescription for Taking the Exercise Pill — 5 Comments

  1. Yes Robert!

    And, the Alexander Technique helps prevent injury. Once you start exercising, you definitely don’t want an injury to stop your routine. As importantly though, as you say, “Your couch potato slump is almost certain to join you…” so, take the exercise pill, but get an Alexander Technique vaccination!

  2. This is so true – these days we are all on the ‘treadmill’ of life and have our daily routine – habitual routines as I like to think of them, with all the Alexandrian emphasis on ‘habitual’, and then suddenly, a few times per week, we demand our bodies to explode in 30/40 minutes of exercise, taking all our wonderful habits with us! So often I see people who are in pain, but mistake that pain for the ‘good’ pain of exercise, not realizing that they have actually done more harm than good and that just with a little ‘Alexander’ imput they could truly benefit from their exercise regime!

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