Jeeves! Whatever Has Become of My Carriage? — 7 Comments

  1. Amusing disambiguation of a word that has fallen out of usage. Thanks too for reminding us that the word “bearing” exists as a synonym – as in, “they possessed regal bearing.”
    Curious too how people still accept there are ‘five senses.’ Nobody notices left out was the sense of location of ones own limbs and judgment of relative weight. The word “proprioception” isn’t even in most spell-check dictionaries!
    What is it about how our own culture has pretty much completely ignored what has become so important to us? It’s no wonder that our students are so often at a complete loss for any words if asked to describe anything they have observed about the way they move.

  2. I was watching the figure skating at the Olympics last night on TV, and heard a commentator remark on one of the skater’s wonderful carriage! My ears immediately pricked up and wanted to pass that along. I wonder if it is a term still commonly used in figure skating?

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