Pity Poor Posture…So Terribly Misunderstood — 4 Comments

  1. Posture, you must face this pain at every turn! Yesterday, my husband asked me if Jack Webb of Dragnet fame was using Alexander Technique, while watching a movie. . .though he immediately reconsidered that perhaps this was not the case, seeing how rigid Webb is holding himself. So there is hope that people can learn that posture is dynamic.

    • Posture says: Thank you Ms Almon. I was feeling very low today and then I read your message and I’m somewhat revived.

      And you’re right – I AM dynamic although I have to say I’m not feeling all that dynamic most days. But I’m a little more now thanks to your post!

  2. Fantastic Robert! Great point, and a creative way of making it.
    I’m also hearing the term ‘poser’ a lot. Another negative connotation, used in hip hop, as in ‘he’s a poser’.
    It’s also the antitheses of the Alexander Technique.

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