Alexander Attitude — 7 Comments

  1. Nice post, Robert!
    “…that the way you organize your body can affect your attitude.”
    I think this is another great aspect of the Alexander Technique. Almost everyone accepts the mind-body connection. The Alexander Technique also helps bring out the body-mind connection. (As if there was a separation to begin with!)

  2. Thanks Mark. I agree that most people accept mind-body connection in theory, but what I like about the Alexander Technique is that it teaches people to experience it’s reality in a clear direct way. Actually more than mind-body connection – mind-body unity!

  3. Very interesting blog, Robert. It does seem that attitude and aptitude do have a lot to do with each other, and well demonstrated in your example about walking – with an improved attitude your walking (or your aptitude for walking!) also improved.
    I also love that you invite us to think intentionally, but “without any effort or expectation” – which is a shift in attitude in itself…

  4. Thanks for a lovely post, Robert. The link between what we do physically and our psychological state is one of those things that sometimes gets short-changed. But one of my very favourite chapters in FM’s books is the final one in CCC: Sensory Appreciation in its Relation to Happiness. I am always touched by his comments on how we are taught that the ordinary acts of life should be automatic, and that we therefore lose the joy that can be found in them. The joy of doing something as simple as walking is a discovery that my students remark upon frequently.
    Thanks again.

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