Base Thoughts

In my experience as a teacher of the Alexander Technique, learning how to sit well is one of the greatest challenges for new students. And one of the most important.  Most of the people who come to me for lessons … Continue reading

Lay Your Burden Down

The other day I was working with one of my Alexander Technique students, showing her how she could stand with ease.  Like a great many people, she had a habit of pushing her upper torso back and her pelvis forward … Continue reading

The Leanings of Clinton and Trump – and the Future of the World

Recently I’ve been thinking about the concept of Leaning In, a phrase popularized by Sheryl Sandberg, the CEO of Facebook in her bestselling book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead For her, the phrase is a metaphor … Continue reading

Studies in Public Posture: Bernie Sanders

In two earlier blogs, The Power of Posture and The Power of Posture – Part 2, I wrote about the posture and coordination of politicians and American televangelists.  In general the ones who are successful use their bodies more effectively … Continue reading

How Bad Is The “P” Word?

“P” – as in Posture. In a previous blog, What Is The Alexander Technique?,  I wrote about the curious reluctance of many of us Alexander Technique teachers to actually say what the Technique is.  Another odd feature of our profession … Continue reading

The Shockingly Easy Method To Improve Your Posture – And The Way You Do Everything You Do

It is natural for our bodies to work efficiently – Patrick Macdonald. MacDonald was one of the first people trained to be an Alexander Technique teacher, in the early 1930s,  and his observation was based on over 50 year’s experience … Continue reading

Alexander Technique – After the Appetizer

I’ve recently had the chance to do a little informal research on the following question:  What are the specific topics people explore once they’ve gone to an Alexander Technique website and had a little taste of what the Technique has … Continue reading

Misconceptions about the Alexander Technique

When the subject of the Alexander Technique comes up in conversation, I’ve found that people who have heard about it often have a very distorted idea of what it’s all about. This is not surprising because the Technique is concerned … Continue reading

Taking a Stand with Awareness

A few years ago, I happened to have two students who were both quite tall and who had lessons scheduled one right after the other on the same morning. Jack (not his real name) was in his late thirties, not … Continue reading

Learning how to Stop

A STORY: “A man enjoys life. But it isn’t perfect. He sometimes experiences pain, frustration, and suffering. For a while he gets along okay. But the suffering builds over time, over a number of years. The suffering becomes a major … Continue reading