The Leanings of Clinton and Trump – and the Future of the World — 1 Comment

  1. Very interesting, Robert and Imogen. I clearly recall this issue of body language (or non verbal patterns) being discussed with Cathy Madden when she came to visit the Bristol Alexander School when I was training there. It was pointed out that I was often “in the space” of the people I was talking with, even though I could have been on the other side of the room, and I set about becoming aware of it and consciously leaning back in order to stop the habit. Of course, basic inhibition would have been more useful. For me, that was a cultural thing that I had been brought up with, and I still notice it particularly in a room full of military colleagues, as the people lean in towards each other, (possibly to make sure they can be heard, or to emphasise a point they may be making). It had not occurred to me before that a habit of leaning back, even a bit, would give the impression of trying to escape! I must read that book.

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