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  1. Robert, your best writing to date. It leaves me with the quiet thought that chair or activity, speaking or singing, walking or talking, we’re all working in the same medium. I do love this. Thank you. Sharing. Thank you Mr. Alexander.

  2. Robert, thank you so much for this excellent post! It is so inspiring to me, as I am now meditating on the effects of my AT experience upon my life. I am about to re-read The Use of the Self, and then I will tackle CCC.

  3. Very Big Stuff indeed, Robert.
    You bring up many interesting ideas, not the least of which is the possible conflict between “safeguarding” Alexander’s discoveries vs. spreading the word and helping people. Safeguarding can become rigid compressing and closing.

  4. I wonder if you could be more specific about the drawbacks you allude to. And what the imiplications are in the “rise of the internet” — how do they relate?
    What does “safeguarding” mean to you, and what do you think those organizations meant (if they used that term)? How has this been implemented, what are its successes and failures?
    I wonder if Alexander’s dream was to “help us live in harmony with the world” so much as to empower us to recognize that when we’re NOT in harmony, it’s our own doing. I think it’s more about managing changing tides, like surfing, than it is about living in harmony (which to me implies a fantasy of perpetual calm). He wanted us to be able to meet life with a manner/coordination that enabled us to continue meeting life. Whatever happens. (My interpretation of Part I in CCCI.)

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