Mr. Alexander in his Own Write: On Reading his Four Books — 8 Comments

  1. I too had a very difficult time reading FMʻs books during my training. Before my training, I had no idea he had written anything. That is how little any of my teachers talked about the books. I think itʻs just not the way I learn. A few years ago I had an interesting experience in my group classes for actors. I had been using Michael Gelbʻs book as a text, because many of the students are not native English speakers and I thought FMʻs writing would be too difficult. In the second year, I gave them one chapter of “The Use Of The Self” – Evolution of a Technique, its all there….and THEY LOVED IT. When I asked why, they said that his writing was full of emotion and that helped them understand why he cared so much about things that others donʻt even notice. If you go back and read it, it is true. Especially in his writing about his own working process, which is something that actors can certainly understand. They were willing to struggle with the text because of itʻs emotional content.

  2. I was lucky enough to have Walter Carrington read them out and comment on them during my training course which helped a lot but I have had a very similar response to them as Rob’s ie falling asleep.

    Thanks for the post and encouragement to have another grapple with the them all rather than just the Use of the Self.

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