Free for All

ID-100141193I am free.

That’s a simple example of an Alexander Technique Freedom Direction.*

Freedom Directions are both amazingly simple, and amazingly powerful.

Would you like to do a little experiment to test that claim, an experiment that could change your life significantly for the better?

One that can be done while you are doing your ordinary daily activities?

OK, here goes:

Gently think, or if you prefer, silently say to yourself “I am free” for a total of five minutes a day for one week.

Divide that five minutes into much shorter periods – 10 seconds, 20 seconds – certainly no longer than a full minute.

Choose a variety of activities in which to think, or silently say to yourself, “I am free.”  Choose activities you are going to do anyway.  Walking, speaking, sitting, mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, watching TV, getting ready for a nap…whatever.

Let go of any intent to make something happen or not happen. Let go of any concern about understanding what “I am free” means. Let go of any interest evaluating the results of this experiment until the week is over.

Let go of any effort of any kind, including any effort to remember “I am free” during these short intervals.  If you notice you’ve forgotten the thought, have no concern.  Just gently bring it back.

When the week is over, ask yourself if anything is changed about how you move, or about your posture, or your breathing.  Or about any other aspect of your life.

If you’re not sure, check with people you know – especially people you haven’t seen during the  week.

If you want, you can listen to the two podcasts below about Freedom Directions.  But it’s fine if you don’t.



Or, you could watch this very short video about Freedom Directions:

When the week is over, please share your experience in the Comments box below.


* Freedom Directions were originated by Cincinnati, Ohio Alexander Technique teacher Jennifer Roig-Francollii

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