The Dark Side of Fitness — 6 Comments

  1. Great blog, Robert. I see so many examples of putting winning first, or of quantity of quality, in my sons experiences with soccer and other sports, especially now he’s at high school. Lots of the players are already suffering from all sorts of injuries and problems. Fortunately, my son hasn’t had any injuries and has a very “laid back” attitude to it all!

    • Thanks Imogen. I see it all the time too – fortunately for me, both my kids saw through it all and kept as far away from it as possible. My daughter figured out how to take sewing, or something like that, to satisfy her high school PE requirement!

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  3. Yes, great blog. Isn’t it strange that people will happily undertake a gruelling and lengthy exercise programme and yet be unable to find the time to lie down. Sadly I see it all the time.

    • Great blog and podcast. Exercise, working out at the gym, sports etc – seem to go hand in hand with injuries. We tend to take our unconscious habits into all our movements which often involve lack of co-ordination, compression and tension.

  4. I came for Alexander lessons after 6 months of strength training for the prevention of osteoporosis, during which pain started in my back. This is a fine program, at a slow pace, but almost entirely focused on the front of the body, and after several AT lessons, it started to dawn on me why my back was hurting!

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