What’s the Use…of the Alexander Technique? — 8 Comments

  1. Really appreciate this explanation, Robert. I also tried out your suggestion of watching the video without sound. The ease and poise of Astaire’s movements is truly remarkable, and without sound even more obvious.

  2. I loved watching Astaire with no sound. I think there may have been a little tell-tale head tilting without whole body once or twice–but look at those joints a-movin’!

    Thanks for posting this. I’m dusting off my dancing shoes.


    • Thanks for the feedback Mary. I once was watching an old Astaire movie on late-night TV. There was a scene where he was standing up from a couch and the camera showed his whole body from one side. About half way up, he tightens his neck a little. I was about to yell out “Freddie, your neck!” but before I had a chance, he’d released it!

      I doubt it was at a conscious level for him – my guess is that he had so much awareness of his body that even the smallest unnecessary tension was quickly released, seemingly automatically.

      Another thing: Astaire was born in Nebraska and, well, there’s something about the water and air here. Just saying…

  3. Fred Astaire! I direct all my new students to YouTube to watch Mr Astaire, as do many of my colleagues. The grace and efficiency of his movement is always a wonder to behold.
    I shall now suggest watching with the sound off, too. Thanks for the tip!

  4. I noticed how Fred Astaire kept his spine straight through it all. I noticed my ribs relaxing seconds into the video clip. Praying I can get back to dancing after some yoga and practicing the Alexander Tecnique.

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