30 Second Alexander Technique – 1

pic2In my previous blog, Alexander Technique Speed Dating, I offered the challenge of choosing a group of your choice, on the assumption you would have 30 seconds of attention from everyone in the group to present something compelling about the Alexander Technique.

Magdalena Portman, an Alexander Technique teacher in Lewes, East Sussex, England was the first to respond.  Her target audience is disabled people, and the general public, and she has produced 3 (!) separate presentations:

pic3The first consists of spur-of-the moment drawings she uses in her teaching practice to illustrate basic Alexander Technique concepts.  I’ve chosen 4 to include in this post.

The second is a 30 second audio presentation:



The third is a one paragraph description of the Technique:

Alexander Technique is a powerful tool for a better life. It is a study of how you do things. By taking a healthy interest in your Self, you sharpen your awareness and you learn to use your attention. You will recognise more clearly how and why you do things, you will become more conscious of your habits, and you will be able to make intelligent choices. Alexander Technique offers you freedom from your habits!

pic1She has also included a transcript of the audio interview:

The Alexander Technique is a Skill for Life. You learn to help yourself

sit and stand more comfortably
walk with more ease and better balance
release stiff joints to prevent pain
respond to stress
keep your calm
improve confidence
make everyday activities easier and more enjoyable
think clearer
feel happier

pic4What do you think about Magdelena’s work?  What do you like about it?  What changes would you make?

What group of people would you choose to 30 seconds of undivided attention of everyone in the group?

What would you write, say, draw of put in a 30 second video?

If you are hesitant to submit something, ask yourself why.

It’s time to step up to the challenge!


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