Why Did They Leave? – An Alexander Technique Puzzle — 6 Comments

  1. I really like how your blogs are moving from the physical aspects of Alexander Technique to how howAT is also just a manisfedtation of how we exist in many planes. The one on bosses who bully was good to show how the way we think can show up in the same pattern but with a different medium- interpersonal relationships instead of body part relationships. More importantly, AT can provide a means to see these patterns and experience them being changed successfully, provided the ego can sit on its’ hands for a bit.

  2. I trained with Walter Carrington and he never mentioned
    this as a possibility as far as I can remember. We
    used a lot of humour and empathy so our own learning
    process was usually fairly gentle.

    If pain or painful memories came up we were told
    lie down or go for a walk round the famous rose
    garden at Lansdowne Road.

    This is not to minimise the issues you raise here.
    I agree that the Ego can pull us back and avoid
    change at all costs. Very interesting topic!

  3. I have to say this has been obvious to me from the beginning, never a mystery. It’s unfortunate when they leave just at the point of true transformation, for them and for me (I’m trying to make a living after all). But some people are not ready for the changes they claim to want. Identification is strong and sticky in all of us. Habits can be comfortable. A related aspect can also be that they discover how much of the changing is up to them, that I’m not going to magically heal or treat them into some new state of being. People sometimes stop lessons when they see that they’re not going to get fixed. I’m often a little sad for them, but who knows what we’ve set in motion with only a lesson or two? I’m getting better at not taking it personally.

  4. In my experience when this happens – it’s not just the ego of the pupil but also their partners who feel they are no longer needed when the person concerned begins to get better and more independent. I’ve had pupils come in saying they have to stop lessons because their husband/partner objects feeling theyre not needed any more.

  5. For many it’s this frightening realization: “Whoa … If I’m going to take this as far as I perceive it can actually go, I’m going to end up reinventing and rebuilding my entire life from the ground up. This could alter all of my relationships, and even affect my livelihood. I’m not interested in paying that kind of price.” Very much reflected in your interview and the above comments.

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