Am I Dreaming, or is this Constructive Rest? — 6 Comments

  1. I too have become a “napper” Robert, however I’m pretty sure my napping is merely old age!!! the exception being on my work table in constructive rest. I shall experiment with giving my body permission to nap in c.r (here’s hoping I don’t fall off the table). 😂

  2. I’ve observed over time that if I nap (5-15 minutes) in any of several Active Rest / Constructive Rest positions, I wake up more stiff and less functional. For me, Constructive Rest has to be wakeful, mindful, and deliberate, just like Final Savasana in yoga: actively directing my conscious awareness to specific muscle groups and places in the body in just such a way that they can free up on their own. In my case, if I fall asleep, those benefits get lost.

      • Hi Robert. A further question about your post here from last summer: Does constructive rest during the day seem to produce benefits for a lot of folks simply because they sleep wrong at night?

        That seems to be the case for me.

        7-8 hours a night with me in some kind of fetal side position that crunches both of my shoulders forward and inward … and I have to do slow recuperation each morning to get them uncurled and “un-set” from that to where they’re open and free again.

        Constructive rest reverses that, but then I’m like, “Why don’t I sleep this way?” I.e., on my back with shoulders open and wide.

        (I’ve attempted to change my sleep habits in this regard but so far it’s been really difficult.)

        Curious what your experience – and that of your students – has been in this regard.

        • For me personally, I can do my mid-day nap on my back, but not usually for overnight sleeping. I do believe the benefits of constructive rest go well beyond “not sleeping on your side”. Everything is conspiring to release excess tension in you spine and torso.


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