Am I Dreaming, or is this Constructive Rest? — 4 Comments

  1. I too have become a “napper” Robert, however I’m pretty sure my napping is merely old age!!! the exception being on my work table in constructive rest. I shall experiment with giving my body permission to nap in c.r (here’s hoping I don’t fall off the table). 😂

  2. I’ve observed over time that if I nap (5-15 minutes) in any of several Active Rest / Constructive Rest positions, I wake up more stiff and less functional. For me, Constructive Rest has to be wakeful, mindful, and deliberate, just like Final Savasana in yoga: actively directing my conscious awareness to specific muscle groups and places in the body in just such a way that they can free up on their own. In my case, if I fall asleep, those benefits get lost.

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