Mind and Body go to Couple’s Therapy

40362263_sOne day Mind and Body were having a chat about the challenges of their relationship.  Body was annoyed that Mind had wandered while they were walking down the street, causing Body to hit a lamp post.

“If you hadn’t put all you attention on that dog across the street – and, I might add, the dog’s owner! – I wouldn’t have this huge bruise on my forehead.”

“Well Body,” replied Mind, “sometimes I think I spend my whole life looking after you. Last night I just wanted to chill out and watch a little TV, and before the show ended I realized you’d eaten a full quart of ice cream.  We’re both still feeling the effects of that.”

“OK Mind, what do you suggest we do about these problems?  You’re supposed to be the smart one.  I just do stuff.”

“I’ve been thinking about it for awhile Body, and I recently came upon a possible solution.”

“Feel free to share it with me Mind – or are you just going to once again do whatever you want, and leave it up to me to adapt?”

“No Body, this is going to involve both of us cooperating in a whole new way.  We’ll be equal partners.”

“I’m listening Mind.”

“Well I’ve been looking into the the ideas of a man named F. Mathias Alexander and I think they could help us a great deal.

“F. Matthias – how quaint.  Where is he from?”


“Australia!  I hear that’s a happening place.  Can we go there and meet him?”

“I’m afraid not Body – he’s been dead for 60 years. He actually grew up in Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia’s mainland. It was home to prisoners and to convicts that had been shipped there from England. Although he grew up in very humble circumstances, he developed a method called the Alexander Technique that has helped many people around the world over the years.  And I believe we could use it to fix our own relationship.”

“I’m liking this F. Matthias from what you say.  Seems like he had just the kind of pluck that converted a penal colony into the Land of Oz. Tell me more Mind.”

“Well I’m no expert, but what interested me – and I think it will you too – is that his studies led him to to the conclusion that we are much more than closely connected. He felt we’re really two aspects of one self and his work was based on that concept.  In fact his most readable book was titled The Use of the Self – the word “self” meaning what he thought of as a “psychophysical” whole.”

“Mind, I love that word ‘psychophysical’.  Kind of puts us on an even footing, so to speak. I definitely want to learn more.  What’s our next step?”

“I’ve looked online and found a teacher of his method nearby.  If you’re agreeable, we can call and set up an appointment.”

“Sure let’s do that.  This could be a sort of couple’s therapy for us, don’t you think Mind?”

“Kind of.  But it’s not really a therapy so much as a teaching method.  The teacher will work with both of us – really both aspects of our self – at the same time helping us to function as a fully integrated team.”

“OK, I’m totally with the plan.  I bet we’ll become unified in a whole new way.”

“I think you’re right Body.  Let’s call now.”


The Use of the Self and Alexander’s other books can be ordered from Alexander Technique Books

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