Sex and the Alexander Technique – Part 2

In my previous post, Sex and the Alexander Technique – Part 1, I provided an overview of what was available on this topic 20 years ago.

Slim pickings, to say the least!

Fortunately for all of us, the situation is a far better today.

To start with, we have a very popular episode at the Alexander Technique Podcast which I did with Alexander Technique teacher Constance Clare-Newman on the topic a few years ago.  You can listen to it here:


In 2010, The Frisky (sic!) featured an interview with Alexander Technique teacher Rachel Bernsen titled: Frisky Q & A: For Better Sex, Look to the Alexander Technique that received a good deal of attention.

Also in 2010, Alexander Technique teacher Penny O’Connor write a piece titled “Sex and the Alexander Technique” in her blog.

In 2011, Alexander Technique teacher Paige McKinney explored the question “So what about the Alexander Technique and Sex?” in her blog.

Finally, Alexander Technique Chloe Stallibrass, conducted a study titled “Sexuality and the Alexander technique: a study based on a survey of teachers and students at an Alexander training centre in London,” summer 1990.  (I have not been able to read it, but the link points to places where you can find it.)

Doubtless there are other examples.  If you know of any that should be included, let me know. Clearly, there is a far more open attitude today, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more material about the Technique and sex.

Please consider making your own contribution to this important topic – perhaps contact me about doing a podcast interview or a guest blog.

I’ll leave the final word to F. Matthias Alexander himself:

About a year ago I came across an entry in George Trevelyan’s diary of his experiences on F. Mathias Alexander’s first training course.  The January 27, 1934 entry begins with this:

Many of the failures in marriage, F. M. contends, are due to the failure on the part of the man to inhibit and hold back.  In response to his excitement he stiffens, therefore often enough preventing the connection and response from a sensitive woman, and, again, he often finishes too soon for her satisfaction because there is no adequate control.  CCC and the ability not to tense himself should in no way modify his strength of feeling or sense of pleasure and by giving her more chance of feeling should again bring a further response in himself.  Thus a knowledge of use should not only make the man a better lover but will make the sexual processes, menstruation and childbirth incomparable easier for the woman.

Mighty powerful stuff from the Great Man himself!

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