The Alexander Antidote to Terror — 6 Comments

  1. Nothing like “death on your shoulder” to focus one’s attention…WOW!
    I actually used A.T. to mitigate an accident situation. Had to jump off a motorcycle that was going down at around 50 mph. Decided my best change of survival was to use my A.T. training to fly over the handlebars, tuck myself into a ball, soften my whole body as if I were in an Aikido dojo just tumbling on a soft mat. Head first, body following…doing that allowed me to fly over the top of the rocky surface of the road as I slowed down. Boy, it was such a relief to stop rolling! But the effect was I got out of it without any one part of my body getting broken other than some road rash.

      • Yeah, the difference is that I had to sustain my use for maybe…a few seconds? Imagine sustaining improved use for perhaps…24-7 over and over for months!! Plus the practice A.T. gives you for dealing with unfamiliarity and not knowing what’s going to happen – what an admirable tolerance for ambiguity!
        I know another A.T. teacher who gains a constant benefit from A.T. connected to an accident. He got into a car crash where his tailbone had to be removed because it was crushed. Anyone else who has that operation, their spine sags into the missing tailbone area, causing lot of pain. But not this guy! Because he continues the “up” from the top of his spine so the sag never happens, despite no tailbone being there anymore to provide support.
        Not sure if he’d want his real name all over the Internet with this story attached to it, so I’ll ask him if he would like to share the additional details. Of course, his doctors didn’t have time to hear about WHY this extraordinary lack of pain was happening… And WHY NOT?

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