The F. Matthias Alexander Story – It Ain’t Necessarily So: Part 2 — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Robert,
    Just found your blog and am very happy about it as I read my way through your earlier posts. But this one I don’t get! What do you mean by “open source directions” and how are and in which way are “new directions” used for changing dis-functional patterns of thought? And how are these directions “easily transferred” to others? Thank you in advance. It is great to have a forum for exchages of thought and questions. Kind refards Christina

    • Hi Christina,

      By “open source” I’m making a tech analogy to open source coding in which anybody can contribute. The new directions are explained in some of the podcasts here: – directions like Freedom Directions, Negative directions etc. They have proved to be easily transferable by my students, and by other teacher’s students. Experiment with them and you can see for yourself.



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