What’s So Special About The Alexander Technique? — 1 Comment

  1. Hi Robert,
    Your post provoked me to think about what I would consider special and unique to the Alexander Technique.
    I only have a nodding acquaintance with other disciplines like yoga, Pilates, meditation and similar methods of self improvement, so my response here is based on this imperfect understanding.
    In my view what is unique about the Alexander Technique is the skill of inhibition and direction that it teaches us. It’s learning to take the time to make a difference in our habitual responses to the things happening around us. That creative gap between an intention and an action, or a stimulus and our response, helps us become aware of how things are functioning in us, and that we have a choice of response. The gap is the opportunity to make a difference.
    The wonderful thing about this is that we are spoilt for choice when looking for ways to apply this understanding. It goes with everything! So you can use it when you’re brushing your teeth, or working at the computer, or playing the violin.
    You’re very right when you said that it’s not for everyone. It suits people who want to do things for themselves, and are fascinated by the exploration of what really goes on in themselves while they’re engrossed in the business of living. I don’t think that matters,though. There are loads of ways to self improvement, and if someone is really interested in it, they’ll find a way which suits them!

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