Why is the Alexander Technique so Poorly Represented on the Web? — 4 Comments

  1. Well said. I get the feeling that some think an internet presence is dirty and invasive. I personally prefer Facebook and a blog site to communicate my thoughts rather than a formal website. I occasionally dabble with twitter. Of course there is the issue of privacy, how much you are willing share with others, much of your own identity is known by banks, stores and by the search engines every time you click on something on the internet.
    So I think Internet privacy is a red herring.
    Alexander Technique teachers by their nature are open and honest, hence hopefully have nothing to hide and should be making more of the Internet however my issue is what is the Alexander Technique to the general public;
    It fixes back pain
    Shoulder pain
    Manages stress
    Manages anxiety etc. We confuse the public with what we fix, how can it do all this!
    Are we marketing AT right? I don’t have an answer
    If we write about that we change help people to think differently, are we a cult!
    What we do cannot be written fully in words as the words can be misconstrued. Perhaps the idea of niching works better, back pain specialist, breathing specialist, violin specialist etc and our second tag line is Alexander Technique. I don’t have the answer.
    I would be great if we had a huge web presence, we need some influential evangelists perhaps in the media to get some air time so we get noticed; anyone out who is one or knows one?

    • I think your last line about needing influential evangelist in the media is absolutely the best way forward. This is how FMA managed to do as well as he did. Evangelist from the medical and educational sectors. How I’d love to get my hands on Dr Rangan Chatterjee or Dr Michael Mosley. 😂😍

  2. Thanks as always Robert! When anyone asks what they can read to learn more. I always recommend a few books and Our Website, How did you come up with that name?

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