Why Study and Teach the Alexander Technique? — 4 Comments

  1. I study AT. I study yoga. Both ate meta (self change) methods One can be used as an instrument toe lens for viewing the other I consider both approaches as aspects of mindmTetu through body awareness. At one time AT was the most suitable means whereby for me. Now I need a method for building strength. Still Ilike doing it in a way allows me to open up more gently. AT gives me that. If I reach a deeper insight into yoga…maybe I will combine the two.

  2. I am a two year AT teacher in a relatively small community surrounding a major university in Oregon, and I have been asking myself this question. My community has little understanding of AT and so I find myself searching for how to present AT so that it is unique from other self care modalities.

  3. I’m so grateful you shared John’s comments, Robert! I have long grappled with the question,”Why the Technique?” Or as I sometimes put it more baldly, “What makes the Technique DIFFERENT from bodywork, yoga, Tai Chi, etc.?” I have come to this conclusion: the Technique alters your thinking (neuroscience is beginning to have the tools to document this, but it is anecdotally evident). This is no small thing. Since it is our THINKING that gets us into trouble most of the time, to be able to change it into something different—something that is congruent with a healthy bodymindspirit— this can seem like a miracle! The other modalities CAN make us feel good, as does the Technique. But the deeper process is one of changing thinking patterns by using the body for feedback, to keep us “real”—the body is ALWAYS in the present moment, no matter where our minds go!

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