Life on Earth – Where Powerful Forces Collide

Check out the little guy in this 30 second video below. Known as a pond skimmer, he spends most of his life perfectly poised on the water’s surface. In some ways his situation is not all that different from ours. … Continue reading

Sex and the Alexander Technique – Part 1

About 20 years ago, I was somehow persuaded by Jeremy Chance to be the Guest Editor of the Sexuality Issue of Direction Journal. Why me?  I have no idea, but it did seem like an interesting challenge. The main problem … Continue reading

The New Physical Education

One high-school subject stands out above all others in my memory: Physical Education. I detested everything about PE, from the endless runs around a large undeveloped property near my high-school to Friday afternoons in the gym where we played “murder-ball”, … Continue reading

Gravity’s Sad Story

What’s the first feeling you get when you hear or see the word gravity? For a great many people it conveys something negative, or heavy – something we need to fight against to keep our body from sagging as we … Continue reading