Taking a Stand with Awareness — 5 Comments

  1. Thanks for this, Robert. Although the Alexander Technique is called mind/body, or psychophysical, out entry point is on the physical side. But since neural connections are bi-directional, one affects the other. A virtuous cycle.
    One of the students you describe almost matches perfectly a student I taught this morning!

  2. This is one of the best reasons why we teach in groups. No need for a mirror, the other students will all tell the one that thinks this is ‘wrong’ that they look better!
    Also as all our voluntary movement is directed by our thinking, in order to change our movement, we have to change what we think. This is pretty much a one way street, as although we are a psycho-physical unity, the psycho part is in charge! So although you might think you are entering on the physical side, the student’s thinking has to change before they will let go of a muscle, so we can’t be entering on the physical side, we must be addressing the student’s thinking, ie their ideas.

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