Nirvana in your Neck — 13 Comments

  1. Nirvana in your neck! It’s amazing how people unfamiliar with the Alexander Technique sometimes capture the essence of the AT as well as people studying it for years. I’ll be using neck nirvana today!

  2. “Nirvana in my neck” is going to be my new mantra! As you well know, Robert,
    Alexander Technique really saved my physcial “stiff neck” problems! So this post is of particular interest to me!

  3. Hi! I U don’t know if you caught any of my blogs, BUT obtaining the release of my neck was enough to make a PT a believer in the effectiveness of the Alexander Technique. She was astonished at the strength in my my legs after the effective release of my neck. 🙂 AMEN TO YOUR BLOG ROBERT!!

  4. Hi Robert, I think it is fascinating historically that at that time it was known that stiffening the neck caused inability to walk erect. I also share your interest in common sayings you bring up in your post! I hadn’t thought of “level-headed” before. Thanks for a great post.

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