Free for All

I am free. That’s a simple example of an Alexander Technique Freedom Direction.* Freedom Directions are both amazingly simple, and amazingly powerful. Would you like to do a little experiment to test that claim, an experiment that could change your … Continue reading

What Part of No Don’t You Understand?

Once again* a catchy country music title helps illuminate a fundamental Alexander Technique idea. And, yes, I’ve embedded a video of the song – a nice example, by singer Lorrie Morgan, of the growing feminist influence in country – at … Continue reading

It Ain’t Easy Bein’ Easy

It’s more than just the catchy, somewhat risque, title of the 1982 country music hit by Janie Fricke.  (And, yes, I’ve embedded a video of the song at the bottom of the page even though it’s a bit too crossover … Continue reading

Leap of Faith

When I was in Sunday School, many, many years ago, we were given a little pamphlet about – not surprisingly! – God.  More precisely, our belief in Him (always a male, back then) and it was recommended for those who … Continue reading

Alexander Technique tip from a Card Shark

To paraphrase a verse in The Gambler by Kenny Rogers, it’s not a good idea to count your poker winnings while you’re still at the table.  The time to do so after the game is over.  (Because of copyright restrictions … Continue reading

Alexander Attitude

I recently watched a short PBS News Hour piece about the American hero John Glenn.  Fifty years ago, Glenn became the first person to orbit the earth and he was being interviewed about that historic – and extremely dangerous – … Continue reading

The Power of Negative Thinking

Just say no. You’ve all heard this. Popularized by Nancy Regan in the 1980s as part of the “war on drugs” it later morphed into campaigns against violence and pre-marital sex. The phrase gained a lot of attention at the … Continue reading

Chillin’ with Mister A

That’s Mister Alexander we’re talking about.  F. Matthias Alexander, developer of the Alexander Technique and a pioneer in the field of mind-body studies. In his early teaching days, so the story goes, his students needed to take a short rest … Continue reading